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my name is Giancarlo Gamberini and I am a consultant for your graphic and interaction design needs. 
For the past twenty years, I've been teaching and doing graphics for print, web and software projects
Back in the fall of the last century, I was a founding member of Gruppo Saldatori, then a freelance, working mainly for Studio Pleiadi and WildCard Associati, and eventually founded the company Prospero Multilab
Here you can find a selection of what I've been doing, so please get in touch if you see anything you like!
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Sometimes I write about typography, graphics, and nonsense:
Other resources:
These are collections of selected bookmarks picked up from all over the web.
I found them really useful, both for teaching and for any daily job. Please feel free to wander around to discover what people have to say about a few key concepts.
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